Our Pricing Model Changes the Game

Don't get us wrong. When products cost more, we'll pay more. For instance, if we want a Cadillac instead of a Chevrolet, we'll pay extra when it's more expensive to build. Software isn't like that.​



starting at just


(less than 1000 total student population)

Charging $1,000+ extra per license to a client doesn't make sense to us.  Same for updating maps, parent portals, training, support etc.etc.etc. Our licenses are unlimited and free for the asking. The same for all features added to our software, as well as, training and ongoing support for each district.  The complete 3dezrouting platform starts at only $249 monthly 

making it affordable for any district, big or small.

We will build and deliver your 3dezrouting platform with no upfront cost or commitment on your part. We'll take ALL of the financial risk while you have none...zip...zero and you can pilot 3dezrouting in its entirety a minimum of 30 days after delivery, including training & support.  When you're comfortable using it, we'll ask to send you an invoice. Fair enough?

That's confidence and a game changer!  


while you have


We'll take ALL

of the financial