GPS & Bus Tablet with SafeDriver360

We now offer MDT's (mobile data terminals/tablets) that can be used by all drivers or simply as a portable unit carried from bus to bus for sub driver usage.  Optional bus docking stations can be purchased with or without power, for charging purposes.  Review specifics below about all the features and benefits included. Requires purchase of tablet and one year lease of our SafeDriver360 preinstalled app.  

  • Robust features such as Student Tracking with auto notification sent to parents as their student enters/exits the bus. Captures ridership data and provides safety, security and piece of mind. Builds new and updates existing routes via our Route Builder feature that fully integrates with our routing platform over-simplifying the routing process.

  • Also features Bus Arrival notification informing students and parents when the bus is arriving near their stop. Turn by turn audio navigation enable sub drivers to find their way effortlessly when driving an unfamiliar route.  For IOS and Android phones. 

The SafeDriver360 app include the following features, 

Live GPS, Student Tracking, Route Builder, Bus Arrival Notification, Turn by Turn Audio Navigation and Driver Clock In/Out. 

QR codes are smartly used for Student Tracking eliminating the typical costs associated with RFID cards. They're also a burden having to replace them when this happens. QR codes enable the parent to print them anytime required.

Smarter technology. 



EZDistrict was literally half the cost of any other product on the market and still had all of the features of the big-name products....[it's] user friendly and a very powerful product.”

- Dee Benson, Director of Technology, Guthrie Public Schools